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Dear Families,

We are in the Christmas season, a time of giving.  The parishioners of Lady of the Assumption Church have strived to reach outside the parish to help those in need.  One of the projects that the parish donates to each year is the Spirit of Father Mata project. There are four homes in Brazil that provide care, food, education, and other kinds of support to children and their families in some of the neediest communities in that country.  Father Mata founded these homes for the abandoned children of Brazil. Father Mata and the Sisters of the Missionaries of the Poor have maintained these homes through donations from the United States, Canada, and Portugal. For the past 40 years, Californian Catholic families have been especially generous in receiving Father Mata and the Sisters when they visited and in donating  funds to keep the houses open. Father Mata passed in 2011 and the Sisters have continued his work spreading the message of God’s loving mercy to those they serve.  

It requires about $6,000 per month to maintain each of the four homes. Our Holy Father, Pope Francis reminds us that if we seek holiness pleasing to God’s eyes, we must recognize the Lord in the poor and the suffering.  Practicing works of mercy is at the heart of the Gospel. Consider sponsoring a child for a week, a month, or even a year. Consider gathering your family members and pool your resources to help one child for a year. It requires $60 a month and $720 per year to support each child.